Student Projects

FA 14 IST 110, Led a team of students and animated our team’s video, Powered by Voice Presents Our video earned an ‘A’ grade.

FA 14 PHY 015 Wrote an article about a new nuclear reactor design, (Link to the article), Earned an ‘A’ grade.

SP 15 IST 210, Led a team of students that produced a proposal for the Flix2You project.  Our proposal earned an ‘A’ grade.

SU 15 SRA 111, Led a team of students that produced a video about emerging biotechnology. Our video earned an ‘A’ grade.


Courses in progress include:

SRA211 Threat of Terrorism and Crime

  • Led a team of students in the analysis of intelligence to determine the who, what, when, and where of a simulated emerging terrorist threat.
    • We earned the highest grade on the country team based report of all seven teams in the class (104%).
    • Thank you to Team 02 “Russia” for a great end to a fun and fast paced semester.
      • Josh Baur
      • Joseph “Preston” Coffaro
      • Sue Elliott
      • Sean Huh
      • Cody Kitchel
      • Shinji Ueno
  • The final week of the semester involved coordinating all team’s leaders or representatives to develop an acceptable plot and developing a presentation.
    • This presentation of the plot developed will contribute to the final grade of every student in the class.
    • Lead the team of leaders and representatives.
      • Joseph Coffaro, Heidi Turner, and I  coordinated efforts to develop a common theory.
      • Thank you to Joseph Coffaro for managing the final PowerPoint assembly and submission.
      • Thank you to Adam Mike for helping everyone with VoiceThread.
      • Thanks to everyone for contributing to the success of the entire class.

SRA221 Overview of Information Security

  • Team member of a student team that developed and presented an educational video about digital watermarking.
    • We earned an ‘A’ grade on our presentation about digital watermarking.
  • Wrote a research-based essay about vein pattern recognition in biometric security.
  • Wrote a research-based essay about security penetration testing.
  • Developed and delivered a presentation based on my essay about penetration testing.
  • Developed and delivered a presentation about the July 2015 OPM security breach and resulting data theft.
  • Earned a high ‘A’ grade in the class.

ANSC 100

  • Lead a team of students in the creation of two papers written as responses to popular press articles.
    • Both papers earned ‘A’ grades. The first paper earned 98% credit and the second paper earned 100% credit.