Professional Projects

University peta-byte data center design, software selection, and setup.

Complete network infrastructure overhaul for a regional company operating nine locations and a warehouse. Implemented MPLS between the stores and connected the warehouse via a secure wireless bridge. This overhaul included the installation of over six miles of new CAT6 wiring at the primary facility, new servers, new thin client and PC workstations. Also new printers and a new multi-site VoIP system were installed. Personel, role, and equipment changes including relocating the servers to a data center saved the company approximately  $200,000 per year.

Installed, setup, and configured servers, workstations, printers, VoIP, and network equipment at all Fresh and Easy Stores south of Ontario, CA.

During an evaluation of all procedures, personnel, and roles, I discovered three ongoing embezzlement schemes by two employees. These thefts had been occurring for over ten years and had cost the company more than $1,500,000 (1.5 Mil USD) per year.

Invited to evaluate all software and roles at a not for profit membership based organization. The evaluation included the discovery of over 200 individual data silos in use and a wide range of dysfunctional communications. The communications issues were at the heart of the organization’s failure to increase membership renewal.

Installation and maintenance of a biometric identification system at military facilities in the Navy and Marine Corps Southwest region. Maintained systems through various upgrade cycles and provided troubleshooting and repair services for five years.

Installed and maintained self-service systems in southern California Department of Motor Vehicles.

While working for B3PC, Inc., a PC integrator in San Diego, I had many roles. They included management of major accounts, production, national service, returns to vendors, and chief information officer. I created a sales and marketing plan that involved selling through large retailers. This program increased sales tenfold annually. As customer service manager, I oversaw and provided twenty-four-hour support.  In my role as returns manager, I noticed a pattern of processor, ram, and main board failures that led me to investigate to determine a common cause. This investigation resulted in the recall of over 30,000 PCs due to faulty power supplies. In my role as national service manager, I created a network of small and large computer retailers and service providers to ensure coverage for our reseller’s customers.

At CompUSA as the on-site services manager, I supervised sixteen technicians dispatched out of two locations that served Orange County, San Diego, Imperial Valley, and parts of southern San Bernardino, CA. As the assistant manager of the La Mesa store’s service department,  I provided and supervised direct customer services. Through the provision of consistent customer service, I maintained the highest customer service rating per store and per technician at CompUSA. Additionally, I was recognized for highest hours billed to worked ratio.

Network Data Systems, Inc., Hampton, VA, in my role as a Systems Engineer, I provided on-site services for Fortune 500 clients. Eighty-five percent of my time was dedicated to Smithfield Foods, Inc.

Supervised the deployment of over three-hundred new workstations over one weekend at a facility in Florida. This roll out also involved the conversion of an existing Token-Ring network to ethernet and the installation of  new fiber optic connections between on-campus buildings.

IDEC Aerospace, Inc., Hampton, VA, Analyzed data during a vibration study of General Atomic’s MQ-1 “Predator” drone.

As the production department manager at Byte and Floppy Computers, Inc. I implemented production techniques increasing production capacity by approximately twenty times. I was also the assistant service department manager. In this capacity, I improved customer satisfaction and acted as the mediator for customer issues.

Numerous wireless site surveys and network security audits. These audits included physical and remote security testing.

Resolution of connectivity issues at locations.

HFC, ‘T’, ‘OC’, and broadband wireless connection troubleshooting and completions.

Metropolitan, campus, and local network design and implementation.

Power and building management systems installation and troubleshooting.

Smarthome device installation, implementation, and management. Smarthome owner instruction and remote assistance.

Remote maintenance, management, troubleshooting, and software repair services.

Server and workstation virtualization including Citrix VDI-in-a-box. VM Ware, Hyper-V, and XEN Server.