Course Work

Selected courses completed to date:

FA 14:

  • IST 110, Introduction to Information, People, and Technology.
    • Professor Sturdevant provided an excellent look at Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development Model.
    • Lead a team of students in the development and creation of a video. (Click here to view on YouTube)
  • PHYS 010, Physics behind the headlines.
    • I authored an article about new nuclear reactor technology. Here is a link to my article. (Click here)
  • ENGL 015, Writing and Rhetoric

SP 15:

  • IST 210, Organization of Data
    • Lead a team of students in the development of a proposal to Flix2You.
  • CMPSC 101, Introduction to C++ Programming
    • Through this class, I discovered that I enjoy writing code.
  • CAS 100C, Effective Speech

SU 15:

  • IST 220, Networking and Telecommunications
  • SRA 111, Introduction to Security and Risk Analysis
    • Lead a team of students in the development and delivery of a video presentation about emerging biometric technology.

Selected courses in progress:

  • IST 111S
    • Team 10, “Insight to Impact” Leader. Course in progress.
  • SRA 211
    • Team 02, “Russia” Leader. Course in progress.
  • SRA 221
    • Team member, co-developed a presentation about digital watermarking. Voice of our presentation.
    • Individual research paper and presentation, in progress.
  • AN SC 100
    • Team leader, “Cheesy Kurds”, Lead the development of one popular press critique paper. A second popular press critique paper is in progress.